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Community Team Member
In some cases you would like to move a cube that has data security on it to a set, doing that will require recreating all of the data security from scratch.
Easy solution is to take the data security from the old cube and modify it that it will work with the set
1. Open your Admin page > Rest API > v0.9
2. Run the Get  > GET /elasticubes/{server}/{elasticube}/datasecurity
3. Take the response body and paste it in notepad++
4. Run the following replaces commands to clean your script - Make sure you on "Regular expression" and "Wrap around"
  • Replace .*"_id":.* With Empty
  • Replace .*"cubeId":.* With Empty
  • Replace .*"server":.* With Empty
  • Replace partyId With party
5. Once this is done check if you don't have an extra comma in the end of the script and run the script in a JS Validator to make sure there are no errors.
6. Run the POST /elasticubes/{server}/{elasticube}/datasecurity with the set name and the script
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