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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
It is possible to modify the cookie expiration period and by that to determine how for how long the user will remained logged in when checking the "Remember Me".
When a user logs in to Sisense and does not check the “Remember Me” check-box a session cookie is created leaving the user logged in, it will be automatically deleted when closing the browser.
When checking the  “Remember me”, a cookie called prism will be created. This cookie expires after 30 days by default but this parameter can be easily modified using the REST API under “settings\security”.
Posting the following syntax will determine the number of days until the cookie expires.
The following syntax will set the cookie expiration to one day:
 "cookieExp": 1

Please note that the parameter has to be an integer. Posting a decimal value (i.e. 0.5) will cause a “Redirect Loop” error which can be solved by deleting the configuration from the MongoDB with a MongoDB GUI tool. Restarting the IIS will be required.   

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