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Sisense Team Member

List of the Singleton Pods in Sisense

In this article, we'll describe a list of Sisense pods that cannot be scaled UP in Kubernetes 

Sisense application in Linux based on the Kubernetes concept which allows scale down/up pods for any purpose.

Sisense application has a list of pods that are singleton in the Sisense Kubernetes namespace, which means that only one pod can exist.

This is a list of Sisense singleton pods that cannot be scaled up and should remain single in the Sisense Kubernetes namespace.

  • Ai-integration
  • Blox
  • build
  • connectors
  • customcode
  • exporter
  • external-plugins
  • file browser 
  • intelligence
  • jobs
  • knowledgegraph
  • management 
  • migration
  • plugins
  • quest
  • recommendation 
  • storage-manager
  • usage

In this post, we reviewed the list of PODs that cannot be scaled up in Sisense deployment.

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