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Community Team Member
At times, you might want to limit the items suggested in a dashboard filter by another field's value (for example: enable the user to choose between all subcategories under a specific Product Category).
This functionality can be achieved using a dependent filter and limiting the parent filter using a background filter
However, when there is only 1 value allowed for the user, the parent's selection of a single value only might seem odd.
Another way to limit the filter could be by using a single filter and applying an advanced filter over it.

Steps to Creation

1. Add a new dashboard filter over the field that the users should be able to choose from (In our example, Product.ProductSubcategory.
2.  Open the Advanced Filters Tab, and replace its content with the following 
  "attributes": [
      "dim": "[Product.productCategory]",
      "filter": {
      "members": [
  "custom": true
The dim attribute should be set to "[table.column]" (including the brackets), and the members should include a list of all values in the internal filter.
3. Set the new advanced filter as a background filter
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