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If you are using JWT SSO in Sisense, the SSO might stop working after upgrading to version 6.7 and up.
The reason for that could be a missing "typ": "JWT" attribute in the JWT token's header.
To check if the header attribute is missing, retrieve the JWT token generated by your system and plug it into a JWT online debugger such as
Check the decoded header of the token to see whether the "typ": "JWT" exists or not.
For example:
 Modify your SSO script to explicitly include the "typ": "JWT" in the generated JWT token.
How to Extract Your JWT Token
  1. Open your web berowser.
  2. Open the browser's developer tools panel, and click on the Network tab.


  3. Navigate to your Sisense web. Make sure you are longing in via SSO.|

  4. In the Developer tool Network panel, look for the jwt call and highlight it. 


  5. Highlight the Request URL in the Headers tab, copy, and paste it into a text editor.


  6. The string between the "jwt=..." and "&return..." is your JWT token.

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