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Jasper Report when adding a template when installing on multi-node


When using Reports Manager you have the option to configure and use Report Manager to use Jasper Reports. For that, you need to configure a dashboard with Jasper Template and then you can download Jasper Report as a PDF file.


When installing Jasper Reports on Sisense multi-node env, sometimes you may see the following error because Jasper Report can't generate a PDF template:

The error will show up in the external-plugins log:

[external-plugins-service] [45]:[SocketService][sisense-mongo] [/usr/src/app/node_modules/@sisense/sisense-mongo/mongo.util.js:382]

[] [mongoDB query stats: collection=jasperReports, command=insertOne, responseSize=1, took=3 ms] uncaughtException Error: connect ECONNREFUSED ::1:55111 at TCPConnectWrap.afterConnect [as oncomplete] (node:net:1300:16)

Caught exception: Error: connect ECONNREFUSED ::1:55111 at TCPConnectWrap.callbackTrampoline (node:internal/async_hooks:130:17) { errno: -111, code: 'ECONNREFUSED', syscall: 'connect', address: '::1', port: 55111 }


Based on the configuration file (/jasper-reports/v1/config.js), it tries to connect to "localhost" domain name.
If the "localhost" resolves to "::1" rather than "" IP address.

In other words, if it uses IPv6 instead of IPv4, then you will see the error in the log.

The respective Jasper socket is listening to the IPv4 "" address and refusing connections for IPv6 one.


Update the config.js to use instead of "localhost" for a host of export/status servers, to explicit "" IP address, the file can be located under:

Admin Tab > Server & Hardware > File Management > external-plugins > apiPlugins > plugins > jasper-reports > v1 > config.js

module.exports = {
tempFilesPath: '/opt/sisense/storage/external-plugins/tmp',
exportServerConf: {
host: '',
port: 55111,
threadsNumber: 1,
javaRuntime: {
xms: '1024m',
xmx: '4096m',
statusServerConf: {
host: '',
port: 55110,


By making this change you ensure that the server will try to use IPv4 instead IPv6.

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