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One of the most complex parts of any project or implementation is gaining traction across your organization. If dashboards and data are not readily available and easily accessible, users will simply choose to remain on their legacy systems. Sisense can be deployed to give users access to dashboards and data directly within their workflow.
Expanding adoption isn’t just about access to a platform, however. For many stakeholders, the convenience of a specific method over another means that lack of access is not just about credentials but comfort as well. These different methods to interact with and view dashboards and their corresponding data are vital to consider when starting a new project and thinking about your stakeholders’ needs.
How to Make Data More Accessible
To help generate interest and speed up the rate of adoption for your implementation, offering multiple channels and methods to access data is vital. These are some of the ways you can let users view the visualizations and dashboards they need:
  • Mobile Applications
Most users spend as much time using smartphones on the go as they do on their computers. Employing mobile applications for both iOS and Android gives users the ability to remain connected and quickly check on specific data or KPI’s remotely. Users can also personalize which dashboards they see to more easily access what they readily need.
  • Automated Email Delivery
Sisense allows users to automate schedules for data delivery. This lets you assert better control over information dissemination. More importantly, it lets you give a time-stamped set of metrics to users and empowers them to explore the data themselves. This passive access is vital for adoption as it increases the perception that data is available at their fingertips.
  • Integration With Existing Tools
Some stakeholders may prefer not to open a completely different program to view their dashboards or analytics. In these cases, the best course of action is to integrate these dashboards directly with the applications commonly being utilized. This is a productive strategy for increasing familiarity without forcing users into a completely new platform and allows stakeholders to gradually learn more about Sisense tools.
  • Export Functionality
Although Sisense is more than a reporting tool, some users may need quick access to specific data or dashboards but without drill down functionality that a true BI tool offers. Users can manually export dashboards directly into Excel or download as a PDF. Anyone can access data to add to a presentation or even manipulate themselves separately. This hands-on model encourages stakeholders to actively view dashboards and increases traction by clearly demonstrating value in terms of usability.
Using Sisense Pulse to Automate Access
You can also automate much of the data access process by integrating Sisense Pulse. This empowers you to automate KPI and other reporting by simply notifying stakeholders of changes in KPIs. Instead of manual access and exploration, some users can simply receive a notice if something vital to their role changes or goes wrong, giving them a more focused view of a broad dashboard or dataset.  The biggest upsides of Pulse are building an organizational culture focused on data-driven decisions and normalizing data access across teams.
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