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Community Team Member

mceclip1.png Analytical Need 

We may encounter a situation in which a table has several fields that together identify each record. Each of them may appear several times but their combination is unique.

mceclip2.png Modeling Challenge

In our data model, we have 2 tables that have more than one field in common.

mceclip3.png Solution

Concatenate the fields to one custom field in each table.
tostring(Country) + '||' + tostring([Employee ID])
The two pipes ('||') are only there to make this key readable. They are not mandatory, it is recommended to insert a separator between the fields for better readability.
In the example the employee ID is only unique per country and not by its own.
 Image 1. New Surrogate Field
General note : This solution is a recommendation only. You can still connect on more than one field. For low volumes (several million records) the concatenation has no real effect on performance. It is just a simplified way to view the schema.


 - 350 KB - SurrogateKey.ecdata
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