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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
Use this script to format the header rows and columns of a Pivot table.
Create a Pivot table > Save It > Go back to the Edit Window > Edit Script.
widget.on("ready", function(w, args) {

 //header columns
 var $ps1 = $(".p-grand-total-head,.p-dim-head", element);
 $ps1.css('font-size' , '14px');
 $ps1.css('font-weight' , 'bold');
 $ps1.css('color' , 'white');
 $ps1.css('background-color' , '#4B6B9E');
 $ps1.css('text-align' , 'center'); 
 $ps1.css('vertical-align' , 'middle'); 
 //total rows
 var $ps2= $(".p-total-row-val,.p-total-row-head", element);
 $ps2.css('font-size' , '12px');
 $ps2.css('font-weight' , 'plain');
 $ps2.css('color' , 'white');
 $ps2.css('background-color' , '#9EB6E6');
 $ps2.css('border-top', 'none');
 $ps2.css('border-right', 'thin solid #C0C0C0');

 //header values
 var $ps3 = $(".p-dim-member", element);
 $ps3.css('font-size' , '13px');
 $ps3.css('font-weight' , 'bold');
 $ps3.css('color' , '#5b9bbc');
 $ps3.css('text-align' , 'left'); 
 //Set bottom border for all cells
 $tcells = $("[fidx]", element);
 $tcells.css('border-bottom', 'thin solid #5b9bbc');
 $tcells.css('border-right', 'thin solid #C0C0C0');

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