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 Analytical Need 

Often times, you would have the need to support user across the globe that are digesting data from your dashboards.
At these scenarios, the timestamp that was recorded and stored in the DB could be different for the users based on the current timezone.
Therefore, we will need to adjust the date-time recorded to support the users' needs.


In this case, we will support our users that are located on GMT +1.
To present each user with his relevant timezone, first, we will need to make some changes to our Date dimension:
- Here is how to create a date dimension.
- Create a custom table that adds hours to the relevant date and changes it to the needed timezone. Make sure to add a GMT column as an attribute to the date.
Next, as each date is duplicated on our date dimension, we will need to restrict each user to see only one date in order to avoid many-to-many scenarios.
Go to the 'Data Security' section of the relevant cube and choose the relevant GMT for the user:
You can also look to automate the Data Security assignment through a REST API call.
That's it!
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