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In this post we'll learn how to create a drill down hierarchy for Days-->Hours-->Minutes-->Seconds. A general quick solution, in case you need the drill mostly for pivot table visualizations, would be to use the ElastiCube to model additional hour/minute/second columns - Add then create a hierarchy using those columns.

Day/hour/minute/second Hierarchy:

  • In the ElastiCube Manager, use the Add Custom Field to the table in the ElastiCube which holds your timestamp.
  • Create each field, make sure to set them to Type: Int, and in the editor - Use the GetHour(Date) / GetMinute(Date) / GetSecond(Date) to create each field accordingly (see example below).
  • Build your cube.



Example for syntax to create "Hour" custom column:


  • In the web browser, browse to http://localhost:8081 [or the port where Sisense is installed if other than the default].
  • Go to Admin --> ElastiCubes
  • Choose your cube and press on the right hand side on "Manage Hierarchies" (Documentation:
  • Click on Add Hierarchy, and begin to specify your hierarchy. For example, in my case I chose : Days in OrderDate --> Hour --> Minute --> Second
  • You can mark the "Always include with field" if you want this drill down to always appear when the Days in OrderDate field is chosen for a widget.Community_Admin_3-1634474210670.png

Your new hierarchy should now look like this:

  • Now, go back to the dashboard and create a new pivot table widget.
  • Select for the rows - Days in OrderDate and whichever additional dimensions you would like to show.
  • Choose some value measure for the values.
  • Apply when done.
  • Notice that when you right click on your Days in OrderDate field, you are now given the possibility to drill down to hours/minutes/seconds.


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