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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
In some cases, we'd like to be able to customize the Slack notification footer to include our own company name.
By default, Sisense sends the alert with the footer "Sisense Alerts" as can be seen in the screenshot below:
How do I customize the footer?
 In version 7.2 and above, open  %ProgramFiles%\Sisense\app\galaxy-service\src\features\alerts\eventSubscriptions\actionCenter.js
 line 102:
 sendToSlack(user, alert, event) {
        var message = this.getNotificationData(alert, event, user).message;
        var data = {
            'username' : 'Sisense',
            'attachments': [
                    'fallback': message,
                    'color': '#ffcb05',
                    'text': message,
                    'footer': 'Sisense Alerts',<------------ CHANGE FOOTER HERE
                    'mrkdwn_in': ['text', 'pretext']
Then restart Sisense.Galaxy service.
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