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Integrate SiSense as a sub-domain of your web application and embed SiSense into your web application with SSO.  Note: SiSense also works when embedded in cross-domain iframes. 
1.  Add your website to IIS entitled
In the site bindings enter the host name as on port 80
2.  Change PrismWeb host name to on port 80.
3.  Open the file C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and add mapping for the sites:
4.  Sign in to your SiSense application at and configure the SSO as pictured below:
5.  Place the following SSO script in the server location corresponding to the Remote Login URL in the server's root directory.  Please note that the SSO script can be implemented in any server-side language.  This example uses Python.  Example code has been attached for C#, PHP, and Python. from
import time
import jwt # JWT library for python is available from
import urllib

payload = {
    "iat": int(time.time()),
    "sub": "[email protected]",
    # "exp": int(time.time()) + 1000000  #optional- expiration time
    # "aud": "sisense" # optional- audiences parameter. can be either string or array of strings. Must contain the value "sisense"

# Shared key from SiSense SSO
shared_key = "807878265444cd943f40751704bd77d2"

# Create JWT token
jwt_string = jwt.encode(payload, shared_key)
# Encode JWT token for URL
encoded_jwt = urllib.quote_plus(jwt_string)

ssoURL = '' + encoded_jwt

# Redirection
print 'Location: %s' % ssoURL
print 'Content-Type: text/html'
print ''
6.  In index.html from, the iframe source is the SiSense dashboard URL:  
index.html from
<title>Example Website</title>
    <p><b></b> - <b>SSO</b> login with embedded dashboard from    <b></b></p>
<iframe width="100%" height="100%" src='' />
7.  Navigate to and you should see the specific dashboard you embedded.
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