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Community Team Member
Community Team Member
Three tips for new users working with Sisense's REST API for the first time.
1. If you're running API calls through our Swagger UI (ie, by going to Admin -> REST API -> REST API Reference), you do not need to generate and pass an authentication token. You only need the token when running a call from an outside application.
2. If you receive a 500 response code with an error message of "Internal Server Error" to your POST/PATCH call, that typically indicates there is a syntax error in the payload. To confirm and troubleshoot this, use an online JSON validator (such as JSONLint - to review your syntax and identify errors.
3. If you're incorporating our REST API within a program, one tip to accelerate the development process is to use a third-party API tool such as Postman. You can copy the cURL our Swagger UI outputs and paste it in Postman (Import -> Paste Raw Text) to build your API call - just add the Authentication header before running. Once you've verified your call is set up correctly, click Code, then select your language from the dropdown. This will automatically give you a script for the API call in your language.
8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps

Thanks a lot. I was having issues calling an API from a jupyter notebook but following your procedure with postman helped me fix the connectiont and troubleshoot what I was doing wrong in my code.

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