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Basic Sisense troubleshooting using logs and X-Request-Id | Linux OS

This article describes the way a user can track a request generated by the Sisense application inside log files for troubleshooting purposes.

Every API request generated by Sisense within the browser includes a parameter in the Request Header called "X-Request-Id" containing a GUID. This GUID is added to each back-end request generated as the result of the initial request. 

Using "X-Request-Id" and application logs we can track the whole process and see the point at which certain process fails and potentially why it fails. An example would be a simple PDF export of the dashboard:


Now, let's grep the Sisense application logs using the X-Request-Id: cdf90ea5-0395-488e-969a-da509233bc5c

sisense@node1:~$ cd /var/log/sisense/sisense/

sisense@node1:/var/log/sisense/sisense$ cat combined.log| grep "cdf90ea5-0395-488e-969a-da509233bc5c"


The result shows us the whole pass of the request which includes identifying the user requesting the export, getting the user, dashboard, and widget details from the application database, generating the data for the PDF, exporting the file to the storage service, and downloading it back to the requester browser.

If this request fails at any point, the relevant error message would be printed which usually helps to identify the service and potential root cause for the failure.

In case the information found in the logs is not getting the issue resolved, it is recommended to capture the information by either downloading the X-Request-Id and combined.log file or saving the grep output to the file and sending the information to Technical Support for further troubleshooting. 

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