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Sisense uses MongoDB for storing your Sisense web environment information. This information includes how dashboard and widgets are configured, your system's users and groups, and many other configurations. Since the web environment can regularly change, and may need to be restored, it's useful to keep regular backups of this data. This article shows how to use a program that will perform daily backups of this data:
**This article is relevant for versions 6.7 and above.

Download the attached .bat files

The MongoBackup.bat file is used for backing up your MongoDB, and the MongoRestore.bat file is used in case you need to restore the backed up information.
You can find both of these files here:

Create a WriteUser

In order to be able to use these scripts, you need to have a WriteUser to your MongoDB.
For more information on how to do so, check out our documentation.

Change the credentials

You can open each of these files in notepad. It will look like this:
Change the credentials to those you've just created.

Schedule the script

The only script you should schedule is the MongoBackup.bat, Since you'll only use MongoRestore.bat in case you need to restore your data.
The easiest way to do so is to use the Windows program Task Scheduler. Information on how to schedule a task can be found here:
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