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50,000 Row Limit in Live Model export to CSV

This article gives detailed steps on how to overcome the 50,000-row limit in Live Model export to a CSV file. 
When downloading data from a Sisense Dashboard, based on a Live Model, into a CSV format, Sisense imposes a 50,000-row limit. Any more data available is simply ignored and not provided in the download. Many customers require a single download containing all required records in a single CSV file in order to process their requests.
By default, Sisense limits Live model CSV export to 50,000 rows, which is configured in the Live model > Query Settings menu, Result Limit parameter:


To export more than 50K rows to CSV, Sisense admin should set LimitOfDownloadRowsForLive property to the required limit in the System Configuration menu:
  • go to Admin tab, Server & Hardware > System Management menu of the left sidebar, Configuration link
  • Click on the Sisense logo five times, go to the Query menu
  • locate LimitOfDownloadRowsForLive.value parameter and specify the required limit
  • save the changes



When set to 0 (default), the limit is according to the query limit's setting, otherwise, the parameter value limit is used.

Sisense supports exporting up to 2B rows to CSV.
Please refer to Sisense documentation for more details regarding Sisense Live models' limits 

Solution tested with Sisense version L2023.2
In this post, we went through the steps of configuring Sisense to be able to export more than 50,000 rows Live model to a CSV file. If you tried it how, how did it go? Share in the comments! 
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