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Updated script to prevent bars from hiding the value label text?

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Hello! I've used the scripts in these two posts many times over the past few years, they've been very helpful:

However, it seems like the scripts do not always work, and it's not clear why. Sometimes the value will still be hidden for me depending on the size of the widget, or whether I have the side panels displayed or collapsed. It also doesn't seem to work if you use the "Stacked" bar type. I've tried modifying certain parts of the code but it's not super clear (to me, a non-coder) what parameters can be modified to impact the effect of the script (or if this is possible at all).

I was hoping to see if the posts could be updated, or at the very least I could leave a comment and see if someone responds to me, but I noticed the posts appear to be locked and don't allow any more replies (presumably because they're classified as "Legacy Discussions"). It would be nice if either a) the posts are moved/unlocked, or b) a new post is made that has some updated info. In particular it would be nice if there was more of an explanation of how the scripts work, including what parts we can modify and how they'll effect the final output. Also more details on what widgets they'll work with and NOT work with.


Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Hi @Jake_Raz,

Thank you for reaching out. I have moved those posts into the current Forum so they can be commented on again.

David Raynor (DRay)