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Switchable Break By Plugin/Widget/Script

8 - Cloud Apps
8 - Cloud Apps


I have a Bar Chart that is Revenue per past 12 months.


I have 5-6 different fields that my users want to view revenue over the past 12 month “Broken by” or “categoried” by


Meaning, lets try a stacked area chart, or a column chart etc… they want the ability to specify a the bar should be broken up by:


  • Ship Type
  • Work Type
  • Billing Type


I can build all these very easily, but nothing I’ve seen in widget scripts or blox seems to do what I need, even this…

Is there a widget script that I can add to provide a dropdown somewhere to change this? or can i create these as bloX actions, but then how do i make a BloX bar chart??!



11 - Data Pipeline
11 - Data Pipeline

Hi @liamcameron ,

There are multiple approaches to achieve your goal:

  1. Utilizing a Widget Script: You can use the following widget script. This script introduces buttons for each dimensions. Upon clicking a button, the chart dynamically updates based on the selected category. Ensure to customize the 'dimensions' variable with jaql of the the necessary dimensions you wish to switch.

    widget.on('processresult', function(se, ev){	
    	ev.result.chart.marginTop= 60
    widget.on("domready", function(w){
    	chart = w.chart[0][Object.keys(w.chart[0])[0]].hc
    	const dimensions = {
    		"Age Range": {
    			table: "Commerce",
    			column: "Age Range",
    			dim: "[Commerce.Age Range]",
    			datatype: "text",
    			title: "Age Range"
    		"Condition": {
    			table: "Commerce",
    			column: "Condition",
    			dim: "[Commerce.Condition]",
    			datatype: "text",
    			title: "Condition"
    		"Gender": {
    			table: "Commerce",
    			column: "Gender",
    			dim: "[Commerce.Gender]",
    			datatype: "text",
    			title: "Gender"
    	$.each(Object.keys(dimensions), function(index, value){
    		chart.renderer.button(value, 10 + (index * 95), 10)
    				zIndex : 10,
    				height: 15,
    				width: 75,
    				'text-align': 'center'
    			.on('click', function() {	
    				w.metadata.panels[2].items[0].jaql = dimensions[value];


  2. Using Paldi's Plugin: Alternatively, Advanced Dim Switcher offers a hassle-free solution without any coding required. It simplifies the process of switching categories or break-by's across various chart types. The plugin supports column charts, bar charts, line charts, area charts, and pie charts, making it versatile for your needs.



Feel free to explore both options and choose the one that aligns best with your preferences and workflow! 

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions, we're always happy to help 🙂
[email protected] 
Paldi Solutions, Number #1 Sisense Plugins Developer


7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

A switchable break-by-plugin widget script allows users to toggle between different plugin functionalities on a website or application. cox Internet plans This script enhances flexibility by enabling or disabling specific features without altering the core code. It's particularly useful for developers and users who need to customize their experience dynamically, improving usability and providing a tailored interaction based on individual preferences or requirements.

Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Hey @liamcameron 

Hello (@ the OP),

I wanted to follow up to see if the solution offered by @Benji_PaldiTeam or @samuval worked for you.

If so, please click the 'Accept as Solution' button so other users with the same questions can find the answer faster. If not, please let us know so that we can continue to help.

Thank you.

Jacqueline Pacheco