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Having a widget level filter apply to a dashboard when filtering on that widget

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Widget A contains a count of records broken down by a set of facts at the header level we will call Status.  Widget B contains a count or records broken down by a set of facts at the detail level we will call Error Code.  Widget B contains a widget level filter to exclude Error Codes that have the flag cleared to apply 

When you filter widget A by the Status Approved, widget B has no values, which is expected as the Error Codes associated have been cleared

When you filter widget B by Error Code, Widget A contains values for Status Approved because the filter at the dashboard level is without respect cleared error codes

Is it possible to filter widget B and have the widget level filter also apply at the dashboard level only when the the error code is not include all? 


Key Status
1 Approved
2 Not Approved


ParentKey Key Error Code Cleared
1 1 Error 1 Y
1 2 Error 2 Y
1 3 Error 3 Y
2 4 Error 1 N
2 5 Error 2 N
2 6 Error 3 N

Using the example data, created simple dashboard:



Filter by status approved:


Filtered by Error 2 - by what I describe above, it would only show not approved in the pie chart