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Enhancing features with N8N

12 - Data Integration
12 - Data Integration

Hi there,

I wanted to bring this great app to your attention. We have been using it for a while now and I think its wonderful. N8N is an open-source workflow automation app which can be hosted on-prem or in their cloud. It is similar to Zapier, however in our case the self-hosting capabilities was a necessity.

It is easy to use with their WYSIWYG-interface and most can be done with zero-coding. The beauty is that workflows can be downloaded and shared. Ill try to upload a few of mine.

We have designed a few, such as;

- With a Blox-form authorized users can upload data to a database which is then used in a EC

- Send a pulse to N8N which then exports the dashboard to PDF and sends it to the user instead of solely the pulse notification

- Asking dashboard access from our dashboard catalog

- A simple report manager; authorized users can select dashboards or widgets which needs to be send to any email. This is submitted via Blox and stored in a database. With a Cron in N8N it selects the reports from the database for that timeslot and then sends it. In some cases we expanded this by not only sending a PDF, but also CSV/Excel files.

Just wanted to bring this to your attention, since it helped us out a lot 🙂


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

That's awesome--thank you. I was wishing that BloX was more WYSIWYG. Will check it out--