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Sisense Bigquery Integration not loading all rows in dataset

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Hi there,

We have a problem with a dashboard which is showing incorrect summary data. We have validated that running the query on the raw data gives the correct results but for some unknown reason, Sisense appears not to be loading all the rows from the source data and so gets the aggregate calculation wrong.

The problem is intermittent but occurs frequently which means we can't publish the dashboard because the numbers can be wrong.

We can't share examples because of privacy reasons but to describe the dataset, we have a table containing a set of events with timestamps for specific users. In BQ we can see for one user they have 25 events but in Sisense only 2 events are showing. We've checked that it's not timestamp conversions of any obvious data processing error. It seems to be isolated to a problem with the connection.

Does anyone have any advice on debugging a biquery connection?