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How to simply add data from an HTTP request to a widget

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage


We have a self hosted linux solution for Sisense and I wanted to build up a proof of concept of simply hitting a URL (GraphQL API via http request that returns json) and displaying the data from the response in a widget.

... how do I easily do this?  It seems like every data connector I have available to me is database driven; or there seems to be some complex routes out there about installing 3rd party data connectors, etc,... via downloading and installing .jars and then pushing them out to a server..?  but I don't think that should be necessary nor do I want to go down the route of having to install them locally, pushing .jars out to my aws ec2 instance, etc, simply to get data from an http request that returns json into a data model / widget?  Am I missing anything? There has to be a simple way to get http response data into a live data model, right? or into a widget manually?