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Google Sheets Connector Elasticube Build Error - Failed to read row - need help!

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

When using a Google Sheets connector in an Elasticube model, we are receiving a build error that doesn't make sense due to the data in it.


Build failed: base table "google_sheet" was not completed as expected.
Failed to read row: 0, Connector (Cannot union files with different schemas. Please make sure the unioned files contain the same columns titles, data types, and tabs.).


A simple Google Sheet with 55 columns, 320 rows (inc header). There are no additional tabs. The sheet is fed data by another software.

The connector to Google sheets has previously been functioning for other Google Sheets with no issue.

Any help or thoughts would be much appreciated!


Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

Hello! Thank you for sharing this great question! Upon initial review, there are a few follow up questions required to provide the best solution.


To ensure an optimal experience for both community members and you, I would like to recommend submitting a formal support ticket to: Submit a Support Ticket


Looking forward to connecting in more detail soon.

Thanks - I did exactly that and got an answer.

Support were very helpful in advising me that it was due to emojis (special characters) being placed in the column names.