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Pivot 2.0 - Hiding Columns from the Display

Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member
When creating a Pivot 2.0 chart (Linux) you may want to hide a specific column.
There are various reasons for doing so:
  • I want to sort by a column that shouldn't be displayed
  • I want to display a column when exporting the table to Excel or CSV, but hide it on the dashboard

Add the following widget script to your pivot chart:

columnsToHide = [3,4]

function (metadata, cell)
columnsToHide.forEach(function(col) {
if (metadata.colIndex == col) { // Add a second condition ( && metadata.rowIndex > 0 ) if you want to keep the table header
cell.content = ' ' = {
maxWidth: '0px',
borderColor: 'white',
color: 'white'
Before After
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