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In a Pivot Table I need to hide a column when no data present but show column when data is present

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

We are using Windows version of Sisense.. In one of our pivot tables, we have added an extra column as a 'spillover' for cases when text for said column exceeds the maximum character limit.  Say we have 70,000 characters in a column and the limit is 64,000(set by Sisense).  We have set the cube up so the additional 6,000 characters will now display in the spillover column. 

My wish though is to hide this spillover column in cases where there is not spillover.. 

Anyone have a script that will hide this spillover column when it is not housing the extra text?





Community Team Member
Community Team Member

Hello @snicholls,

Thank you for your question. I'm not able to find a way to hide a column like that.

Can you elaborate on the use case? We may be able to offer alternative solutions.

David Raynor (DRay)