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How to add a comment to a chart?

7 - Data Storage
7 - Data Storage

Hi there-  new to Sisense, trying to figure out how to add a comment that can highlight/call out a specific value in a bar chart, or if that's possible at all. Thanks!


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Hey @mbourqui 

That's a great feature which is currently not available out of the box, though can possibly be scripted according to specific requirements.

At QBeeQ we developed a powerful Comments and Conversations plugin which allows your users to communicate within the Sisense ecosystem; designers can collaborate on dashboard development and design, or viewers can discuss data trends and behaviour.

One main feature available is the ability to tag widgets (one can also tag users in a comment). Tagging a widget will add reference to the conversation as to which widget you're talking about.
We are also working on a feature which will allow adding specific comment threads to individual widgets which will also be relevant to you,
Feel free to reach out for more information on how you can enable your viewers to comment on their dashboards and start conversations about their data!

13 - Data Warehouse
13 - Data Warehouse

Hi @mbourqui ,

Here are few helpful posts:

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