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Filter by Measure on clicking

9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Hi Team,
I have a requirement where I have to filter by clicking on the bar chart and filter by the measure (value) and not the categories.
For example:
In the column chart below, when I click on the first bar, which has 876 number of ID's, I want other chart(pivot table) to filter for these 876 ID's.
Help will be appreciated..


@Ido_QBeeQ @harikm007 


9 - Travel Pro
9 - Travel Pro

Any thoughts on this?

@wallingfordce @irishjoystarosa 

So, you don't want the filter to be source_new=JustEat, but rather an ID filter set to include the 876 IDs in that source_new=JustEat category.

While I know you can do this manually with a filter on ID and either:

  • Ranking type, TOP 10000, fx: IF ( ( DUPCOUNT( [Source_new] ) , [Source_new=JustEat] ) > 0 , 1 , NULL )
  • Advanced type: 
    { "attributes": [ { "dim": "[TABLE NAME.Source_new]", "filter": { "members": [ "JustEat" ] } } ], "custom": true }

I don't know a way to go from a "Select/Click" filtering of that column in the widget output to a filter like one of the above.