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GIT - Manual CLI commands on SSH

10 - ETL
10 - ETL

Can I SSH into my Sisense server and run GIT CLI commands?

Does the Sisense webserver appropriately handle changes to GIT appropriately even when the webserver didn't do those changes. (i.e. if a manual GIT command changes a dashboard, does the change appear in Sisense when I refresh? Or does it cause errors because the webserver's view of the dashboard no longer agrees with the GIT files?)

The particular use I'm after is:

  1. SSH/SCP: Paste files into /opt/sisense/storage/git
  2. SSH: git commit
  3. Sisense: Refresh dashboard

Do I need to turn off the webserver before running manual GIT commands, and then reboot?


Sisense Team Member
Sisense Team Member

 Hi @Tim,

We have not designed the feature to work this way; therefore, we do not support it.

Git, as a technology, is based on working with files, where CLI or GUI are just different interfaces for interacting with Git repositories. While executing Git commands directly via CLI might work in some cases, it lacks the additional logic and validation included in the Sisense Git projects UI. Moving files directly will most likely not work, as it generally relies on the oids of the assets and their sub-entities, which are generated by the application and stored in the database.

Kindly, let me know the end flow you would like to achieve that requires direct manipulation via SSH?


10 - ETL
10 - ETL

Hi Oleksandr,


"the end flow you would like to achieve": Bulk import.



  • I have a suite of dashboards on my Sisense instance. I want to deploy those to various clients' Sisense instances. Later, I want to overwrite their copies with new versions of dashboards.
  • The import/export buttons handle only one at a time, so they're no use.
  • The client's instance can't connect to the internet, so it can't pull from my GIT. (Their Sisense is used via LAN/VPN/RDP/Citrix, not internet-accessible.)
  • So, my hope is to copy/paste the GIT files.
  • Another option is: on the client's server, install software to host a git server. Copy my files to a repo in that and commit. Then, in Sisense, connect to that server at I'd prefer to commit straight into Sisense's git because a separate git sounds like more work: new software for us to get familiar with, another thing to maintain, security settings to figure out, and the server then won't be a 'standard' Sisense install.


What do you recommend?


I tried copying files. Doing specific actions in a specific order made it work - I could open the dashboards. But if you say it's not supported, maybe I'll run into problems later.

Community Team Member
Community Team Member

@Oleksandr_K, Can you please follow up here?

David Raynor (DRay)