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Compose SDK minor version 1.11.0 released

Community Team Member
Community Team Member
DRay_0-1716998256053.pngCompose SDK minor version 1.11.0 released
[1.11.0] - 2024-05-28
  • Add React component AreaRangeChart (beta)
  • Extend component Chart and ChartWidget to support chart type table
  • Add highlight filters support for the PivotTable and DashboardWidget components, as well as for the useGetWidgetModel hook.
  • Add React component FiltersPanel for internal testing
  • Add generic useFetch Vue composable to call any Sisense REST endpoint
  • Mark headersColor, alternatingColumnsColor, and alternatingRowsColor as @deprecated in TableStyleOptions – use header.color, columns.alternatingColor, and rows.alternatingColor instead
  • Support pie chart of multiple values and no category
  • Support boolean flag ungroup for JAQL queries with no aggregation
  • Make UI improvements: error messages for unsupported functionality in BoxplotChart and chart redraw on highlights deselect
  • Make improvements to AI chat to code (internal)
  • Move the @sisense/sdk-ui-vue package from beta to General Availability (GA)
  • Move components AreamapChart, ScattermapChart, and BoxplotChart from beta to General Availability (GA)
  • Move component PivotTable and hook useExecutePivotQuery from alpha to beta
  • Move AI components and hooks from private beta to beta
David Raynor (DRay)