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Status: Delivered

Hi Team,

we are trying to format my currency value only with M (Million) format.

Sisense gives a full number when the value is less than 1 M.

Is there any way we can bring the values to 0.01 M.





@Nazeer ,

Please try this script : 

widget.on('processresult', function(se, ev){
	ev.result.plotOptions.series.dataLabels.formatter = function () {
		return (this.y/1000000).toFixed(2) + 'M'		




This script works fine, however, the grand totals are still appearing in older format.

Can you please modify the script to include totals as well, thanks !

i have the same problem in Pivot table , but the above mentioned code is working for column chart , but not for pivot . so what change has to be done to the script. 

i have column in x-axis called as country , y axis as sales but all the sales numbers are not displaying in millions.


 Hi @Nazeer, @harish@princepatni,

We have added a new option "Abbreviate all values" in the product. It has been included since L2023.11


 I would be glad to hear your feedback!



Hi  @Nazeer 

Great news! I have a quick update about your inquiry. Since this functionality is available in our L2023.11 release, as mentioned by the awesome @Oleksandr_K, I am going to move this thread into the Product Feedback Forum and mark it as delivered. 

Status changed to: Delivered