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Status: New Idea

Our clients find that the sorting option is not available in Pivot widget, but it's available in Table widget; and on the other hand, we have available the "Drill into" and "Jump To Dashboard" features in Pivot widget, but it's not available in Table widget.

That is why I suggest that we should have the feature to "Drill into" and "Jump To Dashboard" in Pivot widget, because that way we'll have all the functionalities needed to sort, drill into and jump to other dashboards in this Pivot widget.

With Pivot widget you can drill and jump to:


With Table widget it's not possible to drill and jump to:



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Status changed to: New Idea

Hello  @Javier,

Thank you for sharing your idea and providing details. We will bring this to the product team and provide updates here as they are available.

I encourage people to continue to vote and comment. We use community interest as one of the ways we prioritize efforts, so every vote and comment can help turn a request into a reality!

Thank you again for sharing and being part of our community!