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Status: New Idea

Utilising custom fonts is great to accompany branding/styling guidelines, but a lot of font platforms (such as don't even provide TTF files anymore and are moving to other formats such as OTF. also refers specifically to this and that you have to download a type, not a font collection.

The FAQs from Fontwerk refer specifically to the fact that they are moving beyond TTF ...

But I really need TTF, SVG, EOT, WOFF fonts!

No, you really don’t. From experience, we know that this sort of requirement often stems from an old habit or in a case where the old file formats are required because of old hardware. If this is the case or if you are unable to put old habits to rest, we will of course still be happy to produce the formats on request, but for a fee.

It would be great if Sisense could support font formats in some of the more recent formats.