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We have had several users complain that the way series selection for charts is not intuitive. Currently, when you have multiple series in a line chart and click on one in the legend, it gets disabled to highlight the others. The intent is to allow focus, but it's the wrong way around - most users expect that the item clicked should be selected and the others hidden.

The current behaviour is quite painful if you want to see one series when there are several (you have to click on all the others).

Is there a simple way to reverse the selection behaviour, or do we need to look at other options:

  1. wrap the control and handle it ourselves (possible?)
  2. build some drop-downs/UI to allow selection of whats shown
  3. some other neat UI work-around??
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Hello @philip1001,

Thank you for your feedback! Do you think a possible solution for this would be a message that tells the user that clicking the legend will remove the metric from the chart, and clicking the metric on the chart will drill into that metric?