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**Please note this idea was migrated to the Product Feedback Forum from older submission areas**

For example, we have a system event type that indicates that a restaurant has modified their online ordering hours. Our clients use the indicator for that event type and set it to alert when it gets above 0, as stores aren’t supposed to modify their online ordering hours without owner consent.

The problem is that the owner has several stores. They receive an alert when the first store changes their online ordering hours (# of events > 0), but not when a second store does it. The alert is sent at 1 but not 2.

The workaround for now is to configure multiple Pulse Alerts, one per store, but that’s only feasible when there aren’t many stores. We have a franchise with over 300 stores! Also, if a store then changes their online hours back, the owner isn’t informed of that either.

Can you please add a feature request for an option on the Pulse Alerts to notify on any increase to the value once it’s exceeded the threshold, so the user would receive an alert at 1 and additional alerts at 2, 3, etc.?

This would have to be optional and off by default, as you wouldn’t want that to be activated for something that tracked a value that increases often, but the core use case here is for exceptional activity tracking, so the values should rarely increase.

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