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Status: New Idea

Selecting a value in a row selects only the value and not the row. This prevents passing a specific value unless the unique value is exposed in the table and selected by the user. Right clicking on a value in a row should provide the option to select the specific value that was clicked on, or the specific Row that the value is in.

For instance: A pivot table of people with lots of names and dates. If a user finds the person they want to drill into they can drill into the name, but there might be duplicate names, so the drill through will have all the people with the same name. If they select the birthdate of the record it will drill into that birthdate, not specific person with that birthdate. A third unique value has to displayed for each result, like a userID. This value has no meaning for the end user, other than they have to click on the userID and only the userID if they want to drill into that user. There should be a way to select the row, not just a specific value.