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Status: Planned

It seems strange to me that each time I need to add another table to my model, I have to re-enter all the connection (or pick a recent connection). If i have 10 tables in my model, they all have their own individual connection information. If a server name ever gets renamed, it'll be a crazy headache for us.

There should be a place where you define the distinct list of actual database connections (one per server or database), give it a name, apply security, etc. And then when you go to add a table to a data model, at that point you pick from the previously defined available list of connections.


Looks like this functionality (Connection Management) is being introduced in the 2023.7 release?  (Our cloud instance is on 2023.6)

About Connecting Sisense with Data Sources

Does anyone know when this new Connection Management feature will be moving from preview status to full GA?  I'm hesitant to implement such a significant change until it is fully signed off and supported.

Hello @dougnewton,

Thank you for posting your Idea. Connection Management will go full GA soon™️! Look for it in an upcoming release.

Yes, this would certainly have been useful in the recent batch of connection password resets that we needed to do...  😉

It looks like this feature was updated a bit in the newest 2024.1 release... but is still in beta, even in that release?