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Status: New Idea

I use pulse alerts to alert my clients when there is data on Sisense that needs their attention. The Pulse alert emails are accompanied by a big yellow 'Open Pulse' button.

This button is the obvious thing to click on, but unhelpfully, it leads to the 'Pulses' tab of Sisense, not the actual dashboard. As a viewer, I want to jump straight to the dashboard, not be confused but this 'Pulses' tab which I most likely will not have seen before nor used.

An option to have the button instead open the dashboard directly would be much better and make it much easier to engage customers with the Sisense platform.


I know there is a link to the dashboard on the pulse itself, but going via this screen this is inconvenient at best and confusing at worst.


Hey @joeshepper 

I understand and feel this need aswell. As a workaround we pasted the URL to the dashboard in the pulse message box. Unfortunately we cannot style it or use HTML, but it does put a clickable link in the email


Not perfect but perhaps its manageable for the time being.


Thanks @HamzaJ 

Yes, it's certainly better that way - thank you. I'm playing around with removing the button entirely from the Sisense email config as well (although I just managed to accidently remove it from all emails including signups, dashboards being shared, etc. 🤦)

Either way - replacing it with the dashboard link would be the best option in my view!