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Status: New Idea

We disabled the new Simply Ask option in the Sisense configuration but it's still showing as a disabled option when you click a dashboard's context menu. We submitted this as a defect but were told that it's "by design". It's by design to show an option that's been disabled? We don't want users to request the option be turned on, as the hover text suggests.


Hi @Jim_SpeedLine,

You could use this script in a plugin or a dashboard script to remove the option from the menu.



prism.on('beforemenu', (a, b) => {
  b.settings.items = b.settings.items.filter((i) => { return !== "simplyAskMenu"})



This beforemenu event related to the prism class is documented here:

Prism Global | Sisense Developers

Hope this works for you!




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Thanks, Daniel, we'll give that a try.

Jim Allison