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There should be an Embed SDK function that sets all editable Widget or Dashboards filters to Empty/“Include All”. Right now we have to either remove the filters completely and re-add them, or set each filter individually. It would be nice to be able to set them all at once.


Given you can access the current filters of the embedded dashboard, you can loop through them and then apply a 'all members' for each.

You should be able to achieve this like this:


sisenseFrame.dashboard.getCurrent().then((res) => { res.filters.forEach((f) => { 
    f.jaql.filter = { all: true }
    sisenseFrame.dashboard.applyFilters({ jaql: f.jaql }) 


 Similarly, you could getCurrent() for widgets and applyFilters for filters in filters as above.

I'd love to hear if this works for you?




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That is a possible workaround. This is asking for an easier way to do it with a single call.