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Status: New Idea

Jump to Dashboard allows us to select values within Pivot tables and show the details of the items. This is user friendly and more efficient for users. 
However, the feature does not work when we call the widget via Sisense.JS. 


Hello @pohwanhan,

Thank you for submitting your idea. I found this documentation that states "The Jump To Dashboard add-on is not compatible with Sisense.js because it is built to navigate to other dashboards, which do not exist in the Sisense.js scope."

Maybe in the future it will be added to the Sisense.js scope, but apparently that is not on the current roadmap.

If you have any other idea that would help us improve Sisense, please continue to reach out. We appreciate our customers taking the time to help us make the product better!

Hi @DRay

Yes I am aware of what is written in the document prior to submitting the request. I was told by my CSM to check if there are any other post regarding the feature I am requesting on this portal and to submit a request if there is none. Thanks.

Hi @pohwanhan,

Ah, perfect. These posts do get looked at by the product team, so hopefully we will see Jump to Dashboard supported in a future release!