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Status: New Idea

Sisense charts show tooltips when you move the mouse above them. When showing those tooltips the website automatically formats numbers in the tooltip in order to simplify the reading and shrinks those numbers if they go above 10k. Most of the times this is what I want as a user, but not always.

According to my observations, tooltips stop showing the real number and show a simplification when it goes above 10,000  (e.g instead of showing 16742 it will show 16.7k).

This idea would be to allow this number to be displayed in full instead of the shrinked version. Sometimes it is just useful to see the real value and not the simplified one. As a user, I'd like to see the real one sometimes.

There are two possible ways of implementing this that come to mind, in the Tooltip section when editing a graph:

  • Add a checkbox, clickable, with the current behaviour by default "[ ] Show raw numbers". This would be below "[ ] Show Total in tooltip"
  • Add a threshold numeric input so that users could manually specify from which number onwards the formatting would shrink (e.g 10,000 by default).  "Shrink numbers above: [            10000]"

First option is simpler to understand, second one is more flexible. 

Right now, the workaround I'm using is to Edit a chart, then click on "Output" in order to see the real numbers as a table, but this is inconvenient.

Here is an example of the number I'm referring to, in a chart. You see 15.9k and I'd like to see 15935.