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Status: New Idea

Under certain circumstances, when adding data elements to a widget, the item is added a "named" formula instead of inserting exactly the syntax of the data element and the corresponding function.

Example, let's say I add an indicator, then through the Data Browser, I search for "order number", then I click on that data element, Sisense will automatically use the COUNT function on that column. In some cases, Sisense will simply add a "named" formula and in widget editor, I'll see [Count of Order Number]. I have no way of knowing with certainty which column and which function is being used unless I hover over that item and a pop up shows me the actual function and column*.

Instead, I don't wnat the "named" formula showing up. If Sisense is going to insert a function for me, using the above example, Sisense should insert COUNT([order number]).

This is obviously an intended feature/beahvior, but it should be controllable at the Admin level.

*I've seen in some cases that the pop up still doesn't show the actual function and column name; that's a bug