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Status: New Idea

We create a basic set of pre-built dashboards that we publish, where business users can view but not modify.  We also have two-tiers of analytics offering for business users (standard and premium).  On our common, pre-built dashboards, which are available to both standard and premium, we would like the ability to expose Simply Ask to only those users of premium (hiding it from those who are standard).   While this may be achievable via a 2-model, 2-dashbaord set approach, we desire to manage a single set of dashbaords and model to simplify deployment overhead and maintenance.

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Hi @dirons,

The above sounds like it would save a heap of time, especially if it was incorporated on an interface level.

I can suggest a workaround in the interim here, a dashboard script that will hide the button if the logged in user exists in a list of predefined groups.

You'll need to populate 'groupsWithNlqDisabled' with the group ids that you'd like to disable Simply Ask for.

let groupsWithNlqDisabled = ['650102a9c4cf84c6765c6752', 'groupid2', 'groupid3']

dashboard.on('initialized', (dashboard)=> {
  if (prism.user.groups.some((g)=> groupsWithNlqDisabled.includes(g))) {

Let me know if this works for you in the interim?




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