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Status: New Idea

Currently when scheduling builds to run in intervals, you can choose for the builds to run once every X days, OR X hours, OR X minutes.

It would be beneficial to:

1. Use Hours AND minutes so we can prevent builds scheduled for every one hour from colliding with another build on hourly (even if multiple hours) interval i.e. schedule one for every 1 hour, and one for every 4 hours and on the 4th hour they collide and prevent successful full build.

2. Allow specific scheduled time and multiple intervals i.e. start @ 7AM and repeat every hour for 6 hours, or start at x hr and repeat every x minutes.


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Hi @NTillinghast,

We had a similar issue - it's not obvious at all in the Sisense UI, but if you schedule a cube to refresh eg. every 2 hours and 30 minutes, that actually means it will refresh every 2 minutes at 30 minutes past the hour. We used this to shift a lot of our cube refreshes to at 30 minutes past the hour, and schedule a few particularly beefy ones at specific times.

From your link:

IMPORTANT: Setting the days/hours/minutes of an interval will run a build at the specified days/hours/minutes - not every X days/hours/minutes. For example: 1 hour 30 minutes does not mean every 90 minutes; it means every hour at 30 minutes past the hour.
If a build fails, Sisense waits until the next interval to run the build again.

Give it a go!