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I have a client that has SSO users and non-SSO users.  On Sisense advice, we have created a separate tenant for the non-SSO users.  We expect that those users would have all user email features of users as if SSO did not exist on the system.  We are finding that the new user invitation email is not enabled for these users (among other email functions).  Therefore, these users are not able to set their passwords when they are created.  

As a result, we are using a common password for 600+ users.  This is obviously not satisfactory.  Those tenant users can now log in and change their password, but we have no way to enforce that they do this as we would with an invitation email.  

R&D has told us this is the expected behavior (refer to case #00746676).  This behavior is not working well for my client.  I would like all user email features enabled for non-SSO tenants.