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Status: New Idea

We embed and white label Sisense and our premium customers have the ability to author new dashboards with the formulas and attributes we provide.

Our users want the ability to create new attributes, comparable to creating a new formulas.


  • new "Northeast Location" attribute = existing location attribute that we provide where sites = A, B, C
  • new "Shutdown 2023" = existing date field that we provide where date range between X and Y
  • Concatenation of multiple fields to form a new attributes, comparable to Excel
  • new "Is True" type attributes = existing attributes we expose if value(s) = ...

Customers want the ability to create their own custom attribute, have then be added to the default values list, in their own "custom" section, where they can search and reuse their own creations.

We are a multi-tenant solution provider so tenancy of these custom creation must stay "in tenant" and must do so with us implementing the multi-tenancy feature of Sisense (as we are already deployed and this is not yet robust enough for us to utilize)