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Status: Needs Info

When Pivot or Table widgets, the options for formatting a datetime column allow showing the date OR the time, with no option to show both together (e.g. if format was "dd/MM/yyyy HH:mm:ss" then we could get "23/10/2022 17:05:21").




I worked around this in some cases by including a text field with the date+time as a string in addition to the actual datetime field. But it would be nice not to need to do that.

I saw a solution for this in a demo. We couldn't use it at the time because it required the new Analytical Engine and we had a requirement for a feature that wasn't available on the new Analytical Engine. But our required feature is supposed to be coming to the Analytical Engine in the 2023-11 release, so now I just need to remember how to set it up again. I sent a note to my rep to remind me, but happy to share as soon as I hear back.

Hello @tjswing and @alexism,

Were you able to get this resolved with 2023.11?

Hello @DRay, no, it hasn't been fixed for our use case as per the release notes it is only supported on live models, and we use elastic cubes.