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We are a multi-tenant software provider and we embed and white label Sisense.  In our setup, we have 2 models. 

  • Model 1 is used by Engineering to create our pre-built dashboards, where we share these with specific groups we've set up so that all of our customers see our pre-built "out of the box" dashboards
  • The second model is what we expose to our Premium users so that they can create their own custom dashboards.  

There are times when our customers will create a new, custom dashboard with the second model.  These users sometimes share their dashboard very broadly.  When this happens, there are certain users that wish to remove themselves from the share.  Perhaps they don't have row-level security to see anything.  Perhaps they have changed roles or simply do not use that dashboard.

Note that we do not want to allow customers to remove themselves from our pre-built shared dashboards, as this could cause support confusion as to why our analytics solution is enabled but a user doesn't see "all of the dashboards".  

With the above noted, we would like a configurable means to show/hide a "leave shared dashboard" dashboard option, based on the model with which a dashboard is associated. 

This will ensure that users cannot remove themselves from our pre-built dashboards (we would hide on our model) yet allow them to remove themselves from custom dashboards that were shared with them (we would show on model 2 for self-authoring)

When a user leaves a shared dashboard, there should also be configuration options to alert the owner of the dashboard via email.  This email should be capable of white labeling.  It should include dashboard name, who left, and when.  Should there be links to the dashboard in the email, there must be a way to disable hyperlinks in the email.

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