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For security reasons, one of the requirements we have seen in our customers are reltaed to the ablity to have more customized Admin roles. Some customers have different departments, that are responsible to manage the administration of some features independently. It's not fixed just with the Data Admin and the Admin. For example, some area needs to manage the Users and groups, but other area needs to manage the look&feel and white labeling, feature management... Now, an admin is a root user. And the Data Admin is restricted to Data Groups management. 



This would be great. Would love to remove the need to elevate someone to a full Admin when they only need access to managing users and their groups.

We have come across a need to have a "User Admin" with only access to create / update and delete users.

They would need to assign and unassign to groups as the need arises.

Currently the system only allows for admin level users to do this, but also exposes ALL admin functions, and for this we would want a user or two that we do not want to expose essential admin features where they would screw up the system if they started playing around.

To have an admin level user where they only have access to the Users area, but none others, unless they are linked to any dashboards individually or by a group.